It was 9am and our driver was already waiting at the lobby. I wasn’t sure if it’d be a good idea for Haney and I to go along as she was unwell. But after assurance from my husband that we’d rush back at the first sign of distress, I packed our luggage and hopped onto the van. So 5 hours right huh? Let’s go!


For the first 4 hours, I must say traffic was awesome. Look at the picture above. It’s two-way road, separated by those steel dividers. And the lanes for each direction are very wide, probably to accommodate large vehicles e.g. tourist buses. So it was all smooth and we fell asleep due to boredom.

Suddenly all of us were rudely jolted to wake up. Not by the driver but by the narrow winding road uphill to Sapa, which was then the final 1 hour ride. Sapa is located on a mountain fyi.


And this, my friends, is an unedited photo of the Muong Hwang Valley view from my room’s balcony! Absolutely breathtaking in actual!

We booked the Duplex Suite Terrace at Aira Boutique Sapa and could never be happier spending our penny there. Service was superb right from when we reached the doorstep up till our 2am check out (yup 2am. I’ll blog about it soon).


Spacious lobby with a winding staircase and it exuded the luxurious feeling, what with the yummy scent and colour theme used. Perfect.


Right after the winding staircase is where the spa is located. The masseuses are fantastic! I went once but I so couldn’t resist another session that I ended up going for another on the very next day. This wonderful platter of sugarless tea and watermelon are for guests to savour after each spa session. I still remember asking them what that drink was because it tasted quite…. funky? Imagine drinking rainwater collected from wet soil. Yup. I was then told it was made from roots. So I assume it has to be ginseng. Ya think?


Welcome to our suite! This is the lower bedroom, has 3 beds, good for my SILs and MIL.


Plus a cute little kitchenette and dining area below.


And then I realised I don’t have ANY photos of my bedroom upstairs. The toilet was totally liveable. The bathtub handheld shower was in the shape of an old school telephone. Really cool stuff! Water pressure and heating were consistent. Trust me, in a super cold environment, the last thing you’d want is trickling icy cold water for bath!