Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta)

Now, what I did not tell you in the earlier post was: Dubai was our 2nd honeymoon destination. Before we spent our 5 days there, we did a full 7 days at Yogya.

Your Question: Why Yogya?

My Answer: Why NOT Yogya?

Hahh meh sini saya cerita.

Actually, we were forced to cancel a booked trip to Bangkok as they were having some riots so near to the dates we were due to go over. Nasib beli travel insurance. Never say no to travel insurance k guys. Riots ni pon di-cover. Alhamdulillah Singapore Airlines refunded us full amount. And because we were short of time, the next place on our mind was Yogya. Airasia waktu tu menawarkan harga SGD 600 for a pair of 2-way return tickets. Samalah price tu dengan Bangkok via SQ.

Saya ni sebenarnya memang hantu negara Indonesia. Asal usul pun memang ada darah di situ. Kedua-dua Embah (atuk nenek) saya adalah orang Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah.

Di Yogya, memang best. Sangat santai, plenty of food and super easy to communicate. I suppose it was my 3rd visit there.


  1. What I remember very vividly was taking the beca (trishaw ride) in the opposite direction of moving traffic. Rasa macam nak kena accident berkali2! Thrilling! Tapi pemandu beca tu memang power. Of course he was used to the traffic and clearly knew the selok belok of the road, shouldn’t he?
  2. Malioboro 
    Whole stretch of street shopping. Biasalah, bag kulit, kain batik and the whole night market jazz. If you are someone who enjoys bargaining in the heat and inhaling sweat, you will love here!
  3. Wonosobo
    It’d be rude not to visit my relatives whilst in Yogya. So my uncle drove us all the way to his home in Wonosobo, which is about a good 3-hours drive. Rumah kampung or villages are aplenty on the very cooling uphill housing estates. Masya’Allah, kalau waktu pagi, jangan cakap air. Duduk je kat jamban yang kering tu, MAK OIIII. You would be instantly jolted by the sheer coldness! Belum kena air lagi tu. Oh hey, here’s an interesting information: the house didnt have any water heater. Mandi ala bujang lapok je lah.
  4. Mount Dieng
    Berpusing-pusing nak naik ke puncak Gunung Dieng ni. Gunung Dieng terletak ditengah (or something like that) Mt. Sindoro and Mt. Sumbing. Along the way, there were so  many tiny food stalls selling fresh local produce. We tried Krispi Jamur. Basically it is either enoki or oyster mushroom that were freshly picked and fried with tempura coat before getting sprinkled with condiments of your choice. We chose chilli powder. When you bite into that piping hot crunchy thing, you’d ask for more. Back about the mountain itself, until today, I am still amazed at God’s creation. We were at the peak where clouds were shoulder-to-shoulder with us, and top it off with a rather heavy rain. There in front of us, on the ground, was the volcano boiling with steam and all. How on earth is that? I mean, we were experiencing extreme cold and hot environment simultaneously. Subhanallah Allahuakhbar.

Jadi di mana kita stay ye di Yogya?

We had 3 different accommodations:

  1. Grand Aston Yogyakarta
    A clean, modern and strategic hotel. The lobby is huge and plenty of seats for you to wait if you need to during checking in/out. Harga untuk 4h3m: IDR 3,600,000 = SGD 380
  2. Sheraton Yogyakarta
    A hotel that boasts traditional and authentic Javanese feel and details. Huge property. Near to airport – plus point if you need to catch an early flight out. 2 nights here cost us a very reasonable IDR 1,700,000 = SGD 180
  3. At my uncle’s home in Wonosobo. Brrrrrr.

I seriously need to rummage all my SD cards to retrieve my honeymoon and all other vacation pics man!


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