Let me count. 3, ok so I’ve been to Bali 3x.

Just almost 3 hours away from Singapore. 2h 50mins to be exact. And there you have a laid-back lifestyle island, bobbing with life, plenty of beaches and also mountains. So you choose where you wanna hang out in Bali.

The accommodations are rather extreme on the spectrum; you can get as low as SGD 8 to cleaning your wallet at SGD 4,000 per night!

Bali adalah di antara destinasi pertama yang saya kunjungi setelah mendapat pekerjaan tetap. The factors that I considered important at that point of time were cost of flight, accommodation and general expenses. Back then I didn’t earn very much so I had to be very careful.

Where did I stay?

  1. Harris Resort Kuta
  2. Mahogany Hotel
  3. Citadines Kuta Beach
  4. Pondok Sebatu Villa


My humble stays while in Bali.

Takde pape kot yang terlalu wow untuk dipost.

OH YASSS ada ada ada!

In Bali, please please please pop by Ayana. Rock Bar is amazing. However it is always full of people and if you must wait, be prepared to join the snaking row. I suggest you go up and have a bite at the other restaurants like Sami Sami Bar which is situated at the cliff. Try their Banana Fritter with Ice Cream. Heaven!


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